Cleaning Game Changer


Welcome to Cleaning Game Changer! This is an interactive training simulation that will test your ability to clean a home. 

How to Dust A Living Room Video Game: Gain a Competitive Advantage when it comes to quality and efficiency; for professional cleaners and owners who want to make more money, 

About the product

  • Practice dusting a living room with this fun and informative 3-D game
  • Stay interested with interactive action and multiple choice questions to guide the beginner
  • Learn to perform dusting functions faster and with improved qualit 

Wait for the demo to load below and play below.

  • Click and drag to look around the room.
  • Click the Hint button to see the dusting icon on the garbage can.
  • Click the Blue Icons to move around the room.

What is the first thing you do when you enter a room to clean? Click the garbage can to find out.

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