Dusting Training App


The Cleaner Game Changer was designed to teach a cleaner process so that they do not miss anything when cleaning a repeat home using the most efficient process designed today.  The method and tools are based on repeat cleanings and heavier tools and methods may be needed for one time cleans, but the process will remain the same. The C.O.R.E. process for dusting utilizes the top to bottom and left to right process circling the room 2 times, first trip for long dusting and second for short dusting.

  • Begin by gathering the trash.
  • Next long dust where ceiling meets wall, tops of windows and curtains, air vents and ceiling fans.  Use the long duster and reach as far as you can to the left and then to the right where the ceiling meets the wall and then drop down and clean the baseboards, then step and do the next area. 
  • Next begin at the door and clean any prints on the door frame and continue to clean everything you pass as you circle around the room from left to right using the appropriate and products that are carried in your cleaning tool belt.


High Dusting Module 1


Low Dusting Module 2