The Kristins Cleaning Training Page

Welcome to Cleaning Game Changer! This is an interactive training simulation that will test your ability to clean a home.  Below are instructions for getting started with the Process for Dusting Simulation below.


The Cleaner Game Changer was designed to teach a cleaner process so that they do not miss anything when cleaning a repeat home using the most efficient process designed today.  The method and tools are based on repeat cleanings and heavier tools and methods may be needed for one time cleans, but the process will remain the same. The C.O.R.E. process for dusting utilizes the top to bottom and left to right process circling the room 2 times, first trip for long dusting and second for short dusting.

  • Begin by gathering the trash.
  • Next long dust where ceiling meets wall, tops of windows and curtains, air vents and ceiling fans.  Use the long duster and reach as far as you can to the left and then to the right where the ceiling meets the wall and then drop down and clean the baseboards, then step and do the next area.
  • Next begin at the door and clean any prints on the door frame and continue to clean everything you pass as you circle around the room from left to right using the appropriate and products that are carried in your cleaning tool belt.

Watch the following video before getting started

Getting Started

Please allow up to 2 minutes for simulation to load, this may be faster dependent up your internet speed.  Read the instructions below and before you realize it the game will be ready.

The process is the same for a first time in or a repeat client, the tools will vary. The tools used in this game are for a repeat client that is cleaned weekly or every other week.
The process followed to dust the living room is to gather trash and place it just outside the door. You will take 2 circles around the room. First performing high and low dusting from ceilings to baseboards (at the same time) starting at the door and moving in a counter clockwise direction or to the left. You clean from top to bottom as far as you can reach before cleaning the next area. Second you will use a towel or feather duster to dust items you can reach with your hand, also in a circular motion starting with the door in a counter clockwise direction. Like long dusting you clean from top to bottom as far as you can reach before cleaning the next area. Our rule is if there are 6 or more items on a surface you use the feather duster. If there are less than 6 items you use a feather or towel for the items, dependent upon what is best for that item, and you always use a towel to wipe the hard surface.
After the simulation loads, you will be standing in the living room. You can navigate the living room by clicking the blue Movement icons and dragging the screen to rotate the camera left or right. It is now your job to dust this living room. You must click on objects in the living room in the order you should clean them, while also answering multiple choice questions correctly. If you aren’t sure what you can click on, press the magnifying glass icon in the lower left.
If you aren’t sure which object to clean next, press the Hint button on the error window that pops up.

If you need a HINT for which order to clean, click the links below for an informational video.  

Hint #1 When to remove Trash

Hint #2 After gathering trash

Hint #3 Cleaning the Window Tops

Hint #4 Begin Short Dusting

Hint #5 Window Bottoms

Hint #6 The Coffee Table

Hint #7 The Couch and Chairs

Hint # 8 The Light Switch