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Get on-site coaching—get results.  Cross Country Training is unlike any other business coaching program because it brings life changing behaviors directly to your work place.   

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Sharon Tinberg not only achieved outstanding results in her own cleaning business, leading a staff of 60 to clean 95 homes per day for 754 repeat clients, but she is equally committed to the success of each of her clients.  Do you need help developing a winning game plan, and bringing out the best in each of your players?  Sharon will do that for you and also consistently challenge you to perform at your best.

Paul Fried Owner of Maid in Hoboken and Maid in Manhattan

I have worked with a number of consultants in the industry over the last 4 years. Recently I had Sharon Tinberg come to train my staff and train my trainers. I feel the need to share this because I really can’t believe the results. We have been operating with a 4.5 star Yelp rating for the past few years, therefore I think we’re good. While Sharon was here I received 8 emails from clients we have been cleaning for some time telling me how fantastic this last cleaning was. Aside from that my staff has embraced this new cleaning technique with open arms. There are plenty of choices when it comes to consultants, but for me, I believe you need a consultant that comes to you. Every cleaning company operates differently and the consultant can best serve its client by being in the thick of it analyzing every aspect.  Our labor is our largest expense by far and we need  properly trained employees to work as efficiently as possible. Sharon is the Gordon Ramsey of the house cleaning industry.



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Sharon’s knowledge of the residential cleaning industry is not only based on the knowledge, experience and strategies gleaned from her own successful cleaning business but Sharon has also had the opportunity to learn from an outstanding array of owners, many of whom were successful even before working with Sharon.  Sharon’s unique on-site experiences and knowledge gathered allow you to take advantage of the finest resources anywhere for creating an extraordinary residential cleaning service. Order Cross County Training today and gain the resources you need to perform at your best!

The perfect program for an office with 6+ cleaners needing to add a field operations manager-promote from within and sharon will train that manager, your supervisors and your cleaners for you

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The basic On-Site Coaching plan begins with 5 full days in your office or home working on your business 14-16 hours per day or more.  The typical day consists of in-office time 7:00-8:00am, training cleaners and field manager/owner in the field 8:00-5:00pm and marketing, finance and leadership development and implementation 5:00-9:00pm. 

Also included with this on-site coaching package is C.O.R.E. Training in English and Spanish both the DVD sets and on-line, 12 DVDs and 15 on-line seminars covering leadership and management topics like Leadership versus Management, Building A Winning Team and Putting Hope Where Others Think There Is None, etc., employee orientation package with employee handbook and other necessary forms and numerous other support items needed to run a successful businessAll documents and videos are accessible through your dashboard. They can be viewed and/or downloaded for one year.  All employee documents and training videos are in English and Spanish.  These items alone are priced at $3010 if purchased individually.


This unique program trains and motivates your entire staff.  It is designed for companies that have 4+ cleaners cleaning for their company with the single owner(s) having no support staff so they cannot leave their office for even a day.  It is also for the large office with one or more field and office managers that would also benefit from developmental training but it is too expensive to put them all on planes, pay for food and lodging and, again, have no one in the office.  I will bring the training to you and your staff.  Companies with 3- cleaners on staff or those owners with no employees would probably be better served with Business In A Box.

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