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Using a cleaning tool belt just makes sense.  Carry your cleaning clothes and tools with you and save wasted steps and energy not backtracking.   



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Sharon Tinberg has helped 39 offices implement cleaning tool belts for 383+ cleaners with amazing results.  Cleaners embraced the handy tool belt and did not want to give them back!  


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The Cleaning Belt from Rags to Riches/Success Maid Easy is by far the best cleaning apron we have used in the last 18 years in business.  All the other cleaning aprons out there are just that, aprons.  The others are made of cloth so that when a cleaner puts a wet sponge or something damp into the apron, not only does the apron get wet but so does the employee.  The Cleaning Belt has a backing to it that resists the water so it keeps the employee from getting wet.  We also like the big pockets so that we can put all the cloths and bottles we need into them preventing us from having to go back and forth for more products.  We wouldn’t use anything else.    



The perfect program for an office with 6+ cleaners needing to add a field operations manager-promote from within and sharon will train that manager, your supervisors and your cleaners for you

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Sharon Tinberg Shares Best Tools To Carry In Cleaning Tool Belt


Two of the handiest and most necessary tools are a whisk broom and a small tile brush.  Both can get into crevices that a towel cannot reach.  A feather duster or Swiffer is not strong enough to drag out the dust.  Fixtures should be cleaned every time a home is cleaned, even if they look clean.  That is how they stay clean.  That will not happen if the tile brush is not at their fingertips.  A cleaner will not walk to their carrying caddy to get a tile brush for a clean fixture and that is how they get ruined.  Once a cleaner can see the ‘gunk’ buildup around a fixture and finally go to get the tile brush out of their carrying caddy it is too late.  All of the ‘gunk’ cannot be removed and eventually that client will cancel.  And should.  Save those valuable repeat clients by providing your cleaners with all of the tools they need and a cleaning tool belt to carry them.   





A home can be cleaned perfectly every time it is cleaned if the level of expectations are clearly defined to the cleaner and the client and the cleaners have been trained in a process that misses nothing while cleaning because they have been taught to use their cleaning tool belt, not just wear it.



The cleaning tool belts are available in grey or black.  Both have black waterproof lining and a loop on both sides to carry spray bottles.

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